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Tree houseAlthough you always wanted constructing your own treehouse, but do’t understand a hammer from a board? Or perhaps you’ve got some skills but need motivation, inspiration, or a brush up in your knowledge?

If it sounds like you, it might be time to register at, Vermont in treehouse school. Is’t only a treehouses school; it’s a whole association dedicated to sustainable building and design for non-professionals.

A large part of tree houses doctrine is living in harmony with the world. Another is self sufficiency. The weeklong sustainable treehouse design & construction class trains lay people the best way to undergo the whole treehouse-building process from A to Z.

The class description reads in part:

Constructing a tree house that is sustainable is one of the most fascinating, enlightening and exhilarating jobs possible….How can we construct in a very natural setting without despoiling? Our whole plan is underlain by this classic design issue.

If you’re looking for tons of hands on mentorship and training, you wo’t be disappointed. The class description suggests that pupils will learn the best way to plan and construct a treehouse that is sustainable by creating one onsite.

Heck you may be inspired to help others build treehouses in their own — perhaps even start a company up carrying it out. With these down to earth abilities for up in the air-living, the sky really is the limitation.

You’ve got it made if you’re fortunate enough to live in the region. You might consider taking the next holiday there, if getting there requires some joint effort, time and cash.

After inquiring about sessions and tuition, I got an e-mail back in the registration manager Luke Cady saying the treehouse class happens annually. The estimated tuition is $1225 — this may change somewhat by time the class is published by them on their web site. Luke was kind enough to supply links to local lodgings on campus and away.

Have you ever gone to another area that was similar or Yestermorrow’s treehouse school?

Wishing you a safe, peaceful and joyous holiday season…keep on dreaming!